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The Diabetic Boot Company

PulseFlowDF utilises cutting-edge wearable technology to combine two proven treatment strategies - offloading and intermittent pneumatic compression - to optimise wound healing in the diabetic foot. This innovative Class II medical device features a biomechanically active but unobtrusive design and state-of-the-art construction materials to simultaneously increase blood flow, offload the wound and protect the foot from further injury.

Built-in monitoring software ensures accurate treatment data capture and optimal patient engagement with treatment. After treatment the device mechanism is removed and the shoes retained by the patient to minimise the risk of repeat tissue breakdown and continue promotion of a healthy in-shoe environment.

What They Do

  • Aid the healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers with advanced technology
  • With out such technologies patients are at high risk of amputation

Where They Are

Successful treatment of a diabetic foot ulcers requires a comprehensive understanding of the wound’s cause and progression and a holistic treatment approach from a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals. The patient should consult a professional for advice on treatment.

  • Europe Office - Buckinghamshire
  • USA Office - Ohio

In the future

"We must stop the 415 million people affected by diabetes suffering from foot ulcers."

Every year, more than a 1 million people lose at least part of a leg due to diabetes complications. That’s 1 patient every 20 seconds. PulseFlow by The Diabetic Foot Company will stop this.

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